About the Employer of Choice Program 

The Employer of Choice designation is an opportunity for you to distinguish your organization from other tourism employers.

People are an organization's biggest asset. They have the greatest effect on profit and loss but do not appear on the balance sheet. HR audits are one way an organization can ensure it is doing the right things to create and sustain a productive, motivated workforce. The Employer of Choice Designation will advertise your successful HR strategies.

An HR audit helps organizations in the following ways:

  • It provides a objective, systemic review of your organization's HR policies, procedures, structures, resources and strategic direction and how these contribute to the success of the organization. It helps to evaluate whether specific areas are effective and/or are meeting legal compliance and identifies areas for improvement. Overall, the audit allows for the opportunity to establish HR best practices within the organization.
  • In some cases, organizations continue practices because it is "the way it has always been done"; in others, because they don't know what they don't know. Audits can help eliminate simple but common errors employers make or provide input or alternatives to consider on how to improve in certain areas.
  • An HR audit is an opportunity to see if programs and policies are working the way they were intended to and to find out if there are new legislative requirements that need to be incorporated into the workplace.
  • Almost all organizations want to do the right thing, and this is an opportunity for continuously improving people practices which ultimately significantly impact business success.
  • The Employer of Choice program is designed to reward properties' Best Practices and is not meant to enforce legislated Employment Standards. For more information on minimum Labour Standards, please refer to Employment Standards.

Employers of Choice are able to recruit and retain top talent. When not plagued with constant and quick employee turnover, this designation helps organizations develop a tactical advantage over competitors by ensuring they can deliver consistent and excellent customer service and therefore maintain customer loyalty. In today's challenging labour market, employers have to offer more to attract the best and the Employer of Choice designation will advertise that this is an employer that offers more. The AHLA Employer of Choice designation will not only help new workers choose one employer over another, it will also help an employer keep star performers.

An Employer of Choice designation is not only recognized and valued by workers, customers recognize it as a place that will likely provide a better level of service than a competitor because these organizations have shown established best practices within thier HR strategies.

For more information on the Employer of Choice program visit Frequently Asked Questions.